DLR Conference on Climate Change 2018 – Atmospheric Research for Understanding and Mitigating Climate Change, 17–19 April 2018, Cologne, Germany


In the following the posters are listed in alphabetical order of the first authors‘ names:

C. A. Baumhoer, A. J. Dietz, C. Künzer:
Antarctic glacier and ice shelf front dynamics in a changing climate

C. Beer, J. Hendricks, M. Righi:
Global modelling of ice-nucleating aerosol

Ch. Böhm, S. Crewell, O. Sourdeval, J. Mülmenstädt, J. Quaas:
Cloud base height retrieval from multi-angle satellite observations and its application to assess cloud heights over the southeast Pacific

S. Brinkop, M. Dameris, P. Jöckel, H. Garny, St. Lossow, G. Stiller, R. Sausen:
The millennium water vapour dropin chemistry–climate model simulations

M. Buchwitz, H. Bovensmann, M. Reuter, O. Schneising, J. P. Burrows, H. Boesch, J. Anand, R. Parker, R. G. Detmers, I. Aben, O. P. Hasekamp, C. Crevoisier, R. Armante, G. Lichtenberg:
Satellite-derived atmospheric CO2 and CH4 essential climate variable (ECV) climate data records (CDRs)

M. Coldewey-Egbers, K.-P. Heue, D. Loyola, M. Dameris, P. Valks, Ch. Lerot, M. van Roozendael:
Long-term total and tropical tropospheric ozone data records from European satellite sensors for climate applications

A. Dietz, C. Kuenzer:
Snow Cover changes in Central Asia derived from long term time series analysis of medium resolution remote sensing data

K. Ebell, T. Nomokonova, R. Gierens, U. Löhnert, M. Mech, S. Crewell, M. Maturilli, Ch. Ritter, R. Neuber, E. O’Connor:
The role of clouds in the arctic amplification: insights from newobservations at the Arctic research base AWIPEV

G. Ehret, A. Amediek, A. Fix, Ch. Kiemle, M. Quatrevalet, M. Wirth, S. Wolff:
Greenhouse gas emission rates from strong point sources by airborne and space-borne IPDA sidar measurements

R. Eichinger, S. Dietmüller, H. Garny, R. Walz, F. Fritsch, L. Hoffmann:
Stratospheric transport today and in the future in CCMI model simulations

St.O. Eze:
The impacts of gully erosion on biodiversity conservation in South-Eastern Nigeria

F. Frank, P. Jöckel, D. Brunner, St. Henne, M. Dameris:
Revealing influencing factors on uncertainties in sources and sinks of atmospheric methane

B.K. Gier, M. Buchwitz , V. Eyring, M. Reuter, S. Zechlau:
Benchmarking CMIP5 models with ESA CCI data using the ESMVal Tool

S. Groß, F. Ewald, M. Wirth, J. Delanoë, T. Zinner, Q. Cazenave, B. Mayer, M. Hagen, L. Hirsch:
The use of combined active and passive remote sensing payload on HALO in preparation for EarthCARE

W. Heldens, J. Zeidler, S. Üreyen, Th. Esch:
Deriving surface characteristics for the new urban climate model PALM-4U using remote sensing and geo-data

J.W. Kaiser, A. Caseiro, B. Gehrke, A. Heil, I. Hüser, I. Kaur:
Vegetation Fires and their Emissions into the Atmosphere

Ch. Kiemle, A- K. Naumann, S. Groß:
Airborne Lidar observations of water vapor variability in the tropics

I. Klein, U. Gessner, St. Dech, C. Künzer:
Daily dynamics of water bodies over 15 years. Selected examples for the relationship of water body extents, temperature and precipitation

A. Laeng, T. von Clarmann, G. Stiller, N. Kramarova, K. Walker, J. Zawodny, J. Plieninger:
Ozone before and post-1997 trends from merged SAGE II / MIPAS / OMPS satellite ozone record

M. Nützel, M. Dameris:
Variability of transport from the planetary boundary layer to the South Asian High

B. Pospichal, J. Beer, S. Trömel, U. Löhnert:
JOYCE-CF – Jülich Observatory for Cloud Evolution. A core facility for long-term cloud and precipitation observations

A. Roiger, J. Kostinek, T. Klausner, M. Eckl, A. Fiehn, M. Mertens, P. Joeckel, H. Huntrieser, A. Fix, H. Schlager, Ch. Gerbig, J. Necki, K. Davis, J. P. Burrows, L. A. Hernández, H. Bovensmann, D. Zavala-Araiza:
Better understanding of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions using aircraft-borne in-situ observations: Overview on first measurement results and future activities at DLR-IPA

J. Runge, L. Kühne, X. Tibau, Ch. Requena, Ch. Reimers, V. Trifunovand, V. Eyring:
Climate informatics: Causal discovery and deep learning in climate research and earth system science

M. Schlund, V. Eyring, A. Lauer:
Constraining transient climate response to cumulative CO2 emissions from CMIP5 models with observations

G. M. Tsidu:
Detection and attribution of recent trends in climate extremes over Eastern Africa

C. Voigt, V. Hahn, S. Kaufmann, J. Kleine, Y. Boose, J. Taylor, S. Haslett, H. Coe, D. Sauer, H. Schlager, S. Borrmann, V. Catorie, J. Brito, R. Dupuy, A. Schwarzenboeck, C. Chiu, C. Flamant, P. Knippertz:
Anthropogenic aerosol effects on shallow clouds in West Africa

H. Volkert, M. Kenntner:
Assisting atmospheric research for understanding climate change: SPARC in operation for 25 years as DLR hosts International Project Office

J. Wilzewski, J. Landgraf, B. Mayer, A. Roiger, A. Butz:
Spectral sizing of a satellite-borne CO2 sensor to monitor localized emissions