DLR Conference on Climate Change 2018 – Atmospheric Research for Understanding and Mitigating Climate Change, 17–19 April 2018, Cologne, Germany


DLR-CONFERENCE ON CLIMATE CHANGE 2018 - Sustainability as an event goal

DLR sets a sustainable example

At DLR (the German Aerospace Center) sustainability is part of our overall approach and forms an integral part of our guidelines. DLR has committed itself to accepting a particularly high degree of social responsibility whilst carrying out its business activities. Our principles therefore focus on respecting human rights, upholding health and safety standards, protecting the environment and on preventing corruption.

Credibility, authenticity and transparency are also important to us when we come into personal contact with our shareholders and stakeholders – at congresses and conventions!

Sustainability has become a core element of modern-day conference and event concepts. Official functions, irrespective of the occasion and regardless of the size, generally have a common denominator: they have an environmental and social impact and use up resources.  By taking steps to make our meetings sustainable means for us that we accept responsibility. This is why DLR not only confines itself to considering the consequences for the environment when holding congresses and conventions but includes economic and social aspects in its scope of activity.

At the conference a multitude of distinguished international climate researchers and politicians will be discussing the challenges climate change present, and for that reason the DLR CONFERENCE ON CLIMATE CHANGE 2018 is determined to set standards in sustainability and that starts with the production phase of the event.


Event Management

It is imperative that the management system is tailor-made for the event so that sustainability can play a major role during the DLR CONFERENCE ON CLIMATE CHANGE 2018. This includes analyzing and optimizing aspects regarding their environmental, financial and social impact over the whole value chain in the run-up to the event.

What is more, the vast majority of the DLR event management service team is trained in matters of sustainability and the environment, which means that particular attention is paid to these aspects starting during the planning stage right through to realization and post-production. The key to the success of our sustainable event management approach is that processes are clearly documented and defined goals are measurable.

For this reason during the planning and implementation of the DLR-CONFERENCE ON CLIMATE CHANGE 2018 our preferred partners are companies from our region which handle finances in a sustainable manner and have a well-established certification standard and eco-labeling. It is absolutely crucial that we work with event service providers and suppliers which uphold the principles of human rights without exception.


Sourcing event services according to their sustainability criteria

Organizing a conference according to the rules of sustainability requires proof of that sustainability in the delivery chain. The ground rules involve substantiating the origin of material and products used as well as obtaining information on the environmental and health policies as well as business ethics of the companies and suppliers involved so that we, as the organizers, remain credible and retain our plausibility.

Sustainable procurement means that we acquire goods and material and procure services which are environmentally friendly and that our partners use resources efficiently with the least possible negative effects on health whilst maintaining socially acceptable work conditions.

Delivery chains nowadays reach out as far as countries in the Third World.  We as a company take our responsibilities seriously and acquire an in-depth insight into the social and ecological standards of our partners in the organization of our event. In addition, when appointing service providers we stipulate that they prepare and supply us with a plausible summary of the working hours of their personnel.

After analyzing information we receive on the location, hotels and catering companies as well as the suppliers and event service providers we choose partners which operate on a sustainable basis and leave as good as no ecological footprints. By working with local contractors we also ensure that the impact for the region is positive and sustainable.



Participation Management

Via our contracted partner at DLR we use an online-based multi-tool to centrally handle all the data relevant to the event, e.g. as regards participant registration and management, submission of participation fees and abstracts and in the distribution of invoices.

This is an efficient and sustainable instrument for planning and carrying out events which uses a paperless online registration system thus dispensing with the need for replying by fax. The name tags are recyclable and we request that all participants return their name tags after the event. Sending invitations to attend the CCC- 2018 using the “GO-GREEN” method has a neutral effect on the climate.

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Conference venue and Accommodation

Information on environmental goals as well as proof of sustainable entrepreneurial responsibility as regards the environment was an important consideration in the choice of hotels and the conference location. How diversity management works in practice as well as social competence, pay equality and the existence of a barrier-free rating all played a role here.
In order to keep the regional and local mobility outlay to a minimum all the event settings were chosen on the basis of keeping the distances between them short. That is why, for example, it is a 2-minute walk from the conference venue to where the dinner takes place. 

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On the subject of the choice of a catering partner environmental and social standards were taken into consideration. In putting together the menus particular detail was paid to the use of foodstuffs of vegetable and animal origin from organic sources. Above all high quality or bio food and beverages from the region were specifically chosen. Not only coffee but also tea and cocoa are a result of 100% certified, sustainable farming techniques. The use of goods flown in by air from overseas like exotic fruit, fish and meat was avoided.

So that the passion for good food does not fall short of expectations guests will be requested via the participant management system for their requirements as regards vegetarian meals, any special cultural characteristics and with respect to possible allergies. In addition our catering partner will distribute information about the sustainability of the food and drink amongst the guests on-site.

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It is required by law that persons with physical, cognitive and age-related impediments have an equal right to access to events for their occupational or private benefit. Barrier-free access is the prime criteria for participation on equal terms.

The participation management system passes on appropriate information and instructions and includes enquiries as regards special requirements via the conference website. The conference venue meets the need for visual and acoustic perception techniques as well as perception by touch with signposts, information displays in braille, light systems, inductive audio equipment, as well as access to and rooms suitable for wheelchair users.

The hostess and service personnel are willing and competent in providing the participants with information regarding barrier-free facilities and the relevant service quality at the event.

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How to reach us and mobility

Via our participant management process we inform our guests in good time how they can optimize their trips to and from the conference to include climate-friendly transport systems. The German Federal Railway event ticket allows our guests to travel comfortably and easily for an affordable fixed price nationwide. By using the direct ICE transport connection almost all of our guests arriving at Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Cologne airports can reach the conference venue easily and environmentally friendly by rail.

In addition the long-distance trains run on 100% eco-power so that participants can reduce CO2 emissions caused by the conference substantially.

A shuttle service is not required because almost all of the conference facilities and hotels can be reached on foot. Guests who have very individual travel plans can reserve taxis which are either hybrid or run on natural gas as well as rickshaw taxis. Easily accessible information as regards the extensive ÖPNV transport network rounds off our environmentally friendly mobility concept.

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Printed matter

Information printed especially for the event keeps in line with climatically friendly guidelines. The DLR staff in our in-house printing department uses non-toxic, environmentally sustainable paper and ink and avoids the use of paint or oil.We place great emphasis on using external printers where sustainability is a priority. 

In addition to the use of organic ink FSC certification garantees that paper is sourced on an economic, environmental and social basis. State-of-the-art printing machine technology saves paper and uses biodegradable cleaning materials. Vehicles powered by electricity are used for courier purposes and deliveries. Climatically neutral production is guaranteed by offsetting the creation of CO².


Avoiding, reducing and compensating for CO² production

Calculating the CO² balance (carbon footprint) forms a central element in climate protection. On the subject of the CO² balance of the DLR CONFERENCE ON CLIMATE CHANGE 2018 all the relevant elements of greenhouse gas emission are calculated and identified.

The procedure for identifying the standards for CO² emissions is based on the jointly formulated Greenhouse Gas Protocol specified by the World Resources Institute and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. The focus is on events taking place over more than one day and includes the planning period.

Visitor mobility, catering and hotel accommodation, energy requirements, materials used, the production of waste plus the logistics outlay are weighed against each other. In addition the effort spent on planning the event is taken into consideration. With this in mind the contribution of partners and service providers in particular and well as the organizers is included in the calculation.

Avoid – Reduce – Compensate. CO² emission which is unavoidable during the DLR CONFERENCE ON CLIMATE CHANGE 2018 is now offset via our partner 2bdifferent in a climate protection project certified as Gold Standard.
That means the DLR CONFERENCE ON CLIMATE CHANGE 2018 has a neutral effect on the climate.


See more information about DLR CONFERENCE ON CLIMATE CHANGE 2018 sustainability and how it will be verified:

Soddo Community Managed Reforestation:


That means the DLR CONFERENCE ON CLIMATE CHANGE 2018 has a neutral effect on the climate.
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For further information about sustainability at the DLR-CONFERENCE ON CLIMATE CHANGE 2018 , please contact

Petra Naoum
DLR - Sustainability Consultant in the Meetings Industry

or our Consultant

Jürgen May
Sustainability Consultant
E-Mail: may@2bdifferent.de